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2019 APIEL Conference.  

The United States has the largest network of oil and gas pipelines in the world.  According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, there were 218,387 miles of oil and 1,626,959 miles of natural gas pipelines running through the nation in 2018. The entire oil and gas industry supports over 10 million jobs in the United States and makes up almost 8% of the GDP. As one of the largest industries in the country, the oil and gas industry influences all of us in some way.


            Due to the intrusive nature of building pipelines across the boundaries of many properties, the industry has long been the center of controversy and legal battles. Over the past several decades as major pipelines like Keystone XL and Dakota Access are being constructed, numerous claims have been filed against pipeline companies and governments involving issues in Native American, environmental, and constitutional law. This conference seeks to provide a forum to learn about the recent developments in those various fields of law governing pipelines and to discuss challenges in navigating these legal issues.  


            We hope to bring together attorneys, law students, scientists, activists, and community members to learn about the law of pipelines. Specifically, speakers will present on legal issues regarding the effects of the pipeline industry on Native American communities and lands and on the environment such as water quality and endangered species. The conference will also host a presentation on advising pipeline protestors and the constitutional rights involved in these lawsuits. The series will conclude with a panel presentation with all the speakers discussing how collaboration between lawyers, scientists, energy providers, and community activist is needed to address legal issues surrounding oil and gas pipelines.


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Deadline to apply to present is Dec. 30, but proposal review begins Dec. 15, so apply as soon as you can!

Registration for Attendees Will Begin January 15, 2020.

Thank You for Joining Us in Celebrating 10 Years of Fighting for Environmental & Social Justice.
September 27 - 29, 2019

University of Tennessee College of Law

1505 Cumberland Ave.

Knoxville, TN 37996

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Artwork by UT Law Student Jamie Glass.

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Free meals will be provided throughout the conference. Also, coffee and tea will be available. Coffee and tea are free if you bring a reusable mug/bottle or buy an APIEL tumbler. Buy your tumbler here. Otherwise, we will request a $1 donation for a disposable cup.